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Lizard Spit Scratch & Scuff Remover

Lizard Spit Scratch and Scuff Remover is the ideal way to repair simple damage such as course-to-fine scratches, and swirl marks, that can occur while owning and enjoying your guitar. This 2 part formula is extremely easy to use, and works like a dream, to help you  keep your weapon of choice looking its best. We recommend using the Lizard Spit Super Fine Microfiber cloth with this kit, to unsure a great result.

Chris Webster, the mastermind behind Lizard Spit, has created an all natural, environmentally safe way, to care for your guitar without all the harsh bullshit chemicals and odors, that can, and do, damage the finish of your guitar.  Made in small batches to ensure a quality product every time.  Lizard Spit  is the only guitar care product I trust in my shop. Nothing else comes close.

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