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Occvlt Old Hag Fuzz/Distortion

New insane Old Hag it's here!
Black spark finish with engraved graphics.

Hardcore distortion/fuzz with internal feedback loop!
Newest version with carefully selected and matched silicon transistors.
This thing it's a real monster. You can tweak a lot of classic crunchy tones, raw fat fuzzes or go wild with weird oscillations and glitchy octaves!
Each knob influence another, especially in sick mode [ right footswitch engages it].
Sick mode allows to create feedback loop and in result we can create lot of crazy oscillations!
Even guitar knobs in this mode changes the sound!
We can achieve lot of different sounds, gated fuzz, glitchy octaves, noisy squeals.
If You're searching for original sound and unit which allows to create wide range of tones You must have it!


*knobs: volume, fuzz, bias, feedback
*switches: low frequency cut 2 pos.
*high quality parts,
*Alpha pots,
*metal, black sparkle powder painted enclosure with indestructible engraved graphics,
*standard Boss type 9V DC powering,
*true bypass,
*red/green led indicators ( changes into red in sick mode ).
Use only high quality, regulated 9V DC center negative power adapter ( BOSS style ).

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