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KSR Gemini 100w Carbon Fiber

Custom Options Include

Carbon Fiber Tolex
Lit Metal Grill
Metal Knobs

Channel Descriptions

The Gemini 100 amplifier consists of two channels, each with its own gain, 3-band EQ, multiple individually switchable modes, and level controls. In addition, the Lead channel features a Gain 2 control which is utilized in Modes 3/4 as a boost/cut to Gain 1.

Clean Channel

This channel produces a wonderfully warm tone that aims to be the best of any channel switching amplifier. Where most other high gains amps seem to include a clean channel out of necessity rather than desire, the Gemini 100 has a no-compromises clean channel with its own dedicated preamp tube voiced specifically for huge headroom and sparkling cleans. With the included Gain control on the clean channel, one can also dial in a very cool vintage style distortion. We also include three tone shaping switches for adjusting the response, voicing, and brightness of this channel for a total of 8 distinct clean tones.

Lead Channel

Our Lead channel aims to give you one of the most unique, round, warm, yet extremely usable and cutting high gain tones available. The Lead 1, Lead 2, and Lead 1 “Andy Wood” (aka Lead 3) voicings from the Colossus are all available via the Voice switch. Lead 1 has a nice solid and tight mid voicing that is great for rhythms and leads alike. Lead 2 has a lower mid-point and is favored by Andy Wood as his preferred tone for his signature singing leads. Lead 3 is our voicing developed with Andy Wood as his preferred rhythm tone.

The Gemini 100 Lead channel has a total of 4 Modes available, which makes for a channel that’s far from limiting. Modes 1 and 2 are taken directly from the Colossus. Mode 1 offering up a nice mid-high gain overdrive, and Mode 2 adding tightness and aggression for a more modern tone. Modes 3 and 4 pickup where those leave off by adding an additional gain stage. In addition, the Gain 2 control acts as a boost/cut level for Modes 3 and 4. This allows the player to easily dial in a multiple rhythm tones coupled with searing lead tones, all without touching the knobs.

Every one of these tone shaping options are recall-able via the front panel, foot switch and/or floor controller via RCI, and MIDI CC or PC commands. It is easy to see the tweak-ability of the Lead channels allow one to dial in a large range of tones, from rock to death metal rhythms, and creamy blues solos to shred.

Master Section

The Gemini 100 features the same proven transparent and wonderfully performing effects loop from the Artemis™ and Colossus H-100™. The loop circuit is true-bypassable via any of the normal means, and has independent Send and Return Level controls for maximum flexibility.

Dual master volumes allow for two overall performance levels to be set and recalled by the user. One player may prefer to set the second level as a solo-boost, others may prefer to use it as a volume cut.

The master section also includes power amp response controls, Top and Bottom. The Top control affects the response of the power section to treble frequencies, whereas the Bottom control affects the bass frequencies. These controls are great for dialing in the amp’s response to different speaker cabinets. They also allow the player to optimize the amp for different master levels. It’s especially useful for adding awesome bottom end at low volumes.

The power section consists of a quad of 6L6GC tubes, standard. However, just about any octal power tube can be installed — EL34, KT88, 6550, etc. Each tube is individually fused in order to protect the amplifier in the event of a tube failure. A Fault LED lights to indicate a fuse has blown and the tube is no longer functioning. One can also remove a pair of fuses as an easy way to run the 100W amp at half-power.

A custom wound USA made output transformer is a top performer and one of the highlights of this amplifier. Parallel speaker outputs allow one to easily drive two cabinets with a total impedance of 4/8/16 ohms.

Another one of the unique features of this amplifier is its universal power input. This allows easy use by any player around the world and eliminates the neat for power converters or transformer swaps for shipment to any international country.

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