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Driftwood Darkest Nightmare KT88 Cosmic Burst

Custom Options:

Cosmic Burst Poplar Burl Front Panel

Black Metal Dome Knobs

4 KT88




There are individual knobs for Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Volume. Additionally there is the Gain switch which can add or subtract a Gain stage. With the Gain switch on LOW and Gain settings in the lower third, clean or slightly distorted sounds are possible, depending on the pickup. If you turn up the Gain, you’re rewarded with a full and rich rock sound. The sound is very straightforward and dynamic; chords ring out forever and playing with the Volume knob of your guitar is really fun! The channel reacts very well to the player and does not thin out any sounds. With the Gain switch on HIGH you will be blown away. More Gain, a little more compression and with a more modern tuning, this channel will burn the house down with fat rhythms, screaming leads and razor-sharp staccatos! Always on point, even with a lot of Gain and Bass. Chords stay crystal clear—and with the Volume knob clean sounds are possible even with this setting. Thanks to the efficient EQ you will achieve a high quality sound from ‘80s hair metal to modern core and djent. You can fine-tune your sound with three more switches: Tight, Mode, Voice.

The T/S overdrive is integrated into your DarkestNightmare and can be permanently switched on or activated by foot switch,  No more tap-dancing on stage! Equipped with Gain, Tone, and Volume knobs, this feature is an extension for any channel! The T/S can upgrade the Clean channel to a nice rocky or a punchy oldschool overdrive channel! The recordings of many famous bands have been fine-tuned by this green dwarf.

On the Burn channel the T/S can be used as a Booster, for example for solos. With T/S Gain set to 0, Tone on medium, and full-on Volume, the sound becomes tighter, gains more attack and power, more complex Mids—the band sound becomes clearer. If you also turn up the T/S Gain, the sound gets a little more punchy and dirty, just becomes rougher and meatier. If you turn down the T/S Volume, you can soften very high-gain pickups, so the T/S works also as a negative-booster. With the T/S Tone you can emphasize or take back the attack in the burn channel.

First 100Watt tube amp with built-in IR loader!

The DarkestNightmare is equipped with a high quality impulse response loader. You can store up to 20 impluse responses and select them at the back of the amp. We deliver 15 high quality impulses with the amp. They are made by Lasse Lammert from LSD Studios in Lübeck, Germany - ready to use and well balanced. This pack includes 5 different cabs (Bgnr, Angl, Diez, Rec, Stil) different mics (SM57, MD421. R121, KM184) and mixed mics/cabs. With its USB connection you can load your own IRs on to the amp.

With this game-changing innovation you are able to have a real tube amp for the true feeling and response paired with a reproducible cabinet sound for high end tone and fast set-up. You still need a load for the Darkest Nightmare either a real cabinet or a reactive load box.

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