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Lizard Spit Fretboard Conditioner 4oz

Your fretboard needs just as much love if, not more so than your guitars finish. Temperature changes, humidity swings, as well as oils, acids, and other nastiness from your hands can really cause havoc on your fretboard, Especially on more brittle woods, such as ebony.  If not properly taken care for, your fretboard could start to crack if not properly cleaned and conditioned. Lizard Spit’s Fretboard Conditioner is meant to keep your fretboard free from the dirt and grim that it accumulates from your hands. While also conditions, and protects the wood from extreme cold, heat, and humidity. We recommend conditioning your fretboard after every string change or every 45 to 60 days using the Lizard Spit Super-Fine Micro Fiber Cloth for best results.

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